What to do in Legian


When we talk about activities you can do in Legian, then we are talking about beach activities. There are scores of activities you can do at Legian Beach, here are some of them


Legian beach has reef-less seabed that makes it suitable for those who learn to surf. If you don not have any board, you can rent it right on the beach and if you are lucky you can get a free lesson from the renter. You can also be taught by professional by attending one of many surf schools along the beach.



You can get tan that’ll make your friends jealous at Legian Beach. Be sure to apply sunblock to avoid sunburn. You can also have some snacks, cold drinks, and magazines to accompany your sunbathing.

Having simple beauty treatments

Legian beach also offers simple beauty treatments such manicure, pedicure or hair braiding. You can get these treatments while you are having your sunbathing, relaxing under the shade of sun umbrella or enjoying the sea view


Playing beach games

Legian Beach is wider and has fewer vendors so it is a convenient place to have some beach games such as soccer or racket ball. Join the soccer game of local beach that usually begin around 5PM right on the beach.


Sunset watching

You can watch the stunningly beautiful sunset over the famous Bintang beer, cocktail, or if you want local a bit of flavor, try arak attack (local palm beer plus coco cola), blue eyes (arak plus pepsi blue) or arak madu (arak plus honey and lime). Best Bali Tour Experience


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